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Your daily, personalized English lesson is sent by e-mail every morning

Each morning, you receive a video featuring the Rich Morning Show of the day: a personalized selection of English exercises, both written and oral.

Online English lessons

Watch the video, answer the questions

Scroll through your episode of the Rich Morning Show, watch the video, answer the questions, and send your answers.

English exercise

An instant correction e-mail

A couple of minutes after sending your answers, you receive a personalized correction e-mail. This contains your score for the day's lesson, a version of the show with subtitles, and comments and tips on the answers you got right or wrong. Don't worry if you can't remember everything: we'll be looking at these points again in a future lesson!

Online English training

The next day, you receive a new personalized e-mail

Your course is designed specifically for you, based on the answers you have already given. Rich Morning covers all the points you're struggling with, to build the most helpful course possible.

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Rich Morning constantly reviews and refreshes the teaching content

As you advance through the lessons, Rich Morning reviews the things you find difficult so that you remember them for the long term. Learning with Rich is painless!

Online English lessons

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